I want to pursue excellence in education. I believe the board is too satisfied with the job they are doing.

I don’t have any special axe to grind except to improve things for our kids, I have no pet projects, and I am not hung up on any one issue. My agenda is just “excellence in education”.

I will bring a fresh perspective and ask some of the tough questions that need to be asked. The board needs an independant thinker who is not willing to just go along with things as they are. I believe I can make a contribution, and I feel it is my turn to serve the community.

The major topic of the annual report card published by the board, and seemingly every board meeting, seems to be ‘what a great job Alpine is doing’. Teachers and principals are working hard, they care about our kids, and they have accomplished amazing things with very little resources; but we still have many many things that could be improved. The only way to find those things is to be constantly asking “what is wrong with this picture” rather than just looking through rosey glasses. “Don’t worry, be happy”, is not getting us where our kids need to be.