If you cannot attend the caucus you can still participate by Same Day Ballot ( the exact party rules are found below).  To do this you:

  1. Print out the Same Day Ballot for your precinct at UtahCaucus.gop
  2. Mark your votes
  3. Fold and place the ballot in a sealed envelope and sign across the seal
  4. Give the ballot, along with a photo copy of the front and back of your government ID (showing your reside in the precinct) to someone who is attending the meeting. ( No one can turn in more than 3 absentee ballots, so be sure they do not plan to use more than 3)

The ballot will not have your name on it, but it will have a unique security ID number. DUPLICATE BALLOTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, so do not copy your ballot for others.  The precinct chair will have a list of the security ID of the ballots that are issued (but not names), to prevent fraud.

At the caucus, the copy of your ID will be checked and then the ballots will be removed from the envelope, but not unfolded until time to count the vote.

Below are the exact rules for absentee voting in the caucus:

Same Day Balloting
A precinct-specific ballot will be available on the precinct website 24 hours before the neighborhood caucus election convenes. Candidates on the ballot will be any registered Republican who pre-registers to run for a precinct office or delegate seat. The ability to print the online ballot will only be available to a registered Republican from that specific precinct. The ballot will not include the individual’s name, but will include their unique Voter ID, number or another suitable unique identifier at the top of the ballot. Individuals are only allowed to vote using their unique ballot. No copies of ballots are allowed. The Precinct Host and ballot counters will verify that only unique same-day ballots will be cast at the neighborhood caucus election by verifying that no duplicate Voter ID numbers or other identifiers are present at the top of the ballots. The ballot will accommodate write-in candidates. The ballot will not be signed, to protect the right to a secret ballot.

The ballot will be folded and inserted into an envelope, the envelope will be sealed, and the voter will affix his signature across the envelope seal. A copy of a government-issued ID – front and back – will accompany the envelope. A person may bring to caucus no more than three (3) ballots on behalf of others. The person to whom the voter’s envelope and copy of the ID is entrusted to shall be responsible to deliver the envelope to the Precinct Host and to destroy the copy of the ID or to return it to the voter.

The State Party will assume no liability for the information on the copy of the voter’s ID. The Precinct Host and ballot counters will verify the identity of the voter using the copy of the voter’s ID to ensure the individual meets all regular requirements for participation in that precinct’s neighborhood caucus election. The Precinct Host and ballot counters will verify the signature on the envelope against the signature on the copy of the government-issued ID, but will not take possession of the copy of the ID. Once the signature is verified the ballot will be certified. The ballot will be used in all rounds of voting.

A voided blank copy of the ballot will be posted conspicuously inside the precinct location throughout the registration and meeting.

Out of State Military and Religious Service Same Day Balloting
A registered Republican who is serving outside the state of Utah on active military duty, or who is engaged in religious service outside the state of Utah, who is unable to attend their caucus meeting, may contact the State Party and their precinct chair and vice-chair to request approval to cast a ballot in his or her precinct elections. The request must be made at least 72 hours before the caucus begins. Additionally the Republican must specify what specifically is prohibiting them from attending in person. The precinct chair will verify that the person is a registered Republican and otherwise eligible to participate in the election. Once that person is verified, the person may cast his or her ballot via email to the precinct chair and vice chair. The ballot will include the names of those persons who have pre-registered as candidates as well an option for writein candidates. The Precinct chair will print the email message (which becomes the ballot) and seal the ballot in an envelope affixed with his signature and implement the ballot in the caucus meeting. The precinct host will include the ballot in all rounds of voting. If the precinct chair and vice-chair both agree that the ballot does not qualify and meet the above specified requirements, they may spoil the ballot. The deputy host [vice chair] along with the precinct host will verify that the ballot is implemented properly