Here are some links that you might find useful if you are responsible for running the precinct elections.

2018 UCRP caucus training for precinct chairs

Caucus night checklist – Checklist of things to take to caucus night
2018 UT Caucus Rules

To get maps of your precinct:

Preferential Vote Tally Form
Election Voting Tally Record
Video – Preferential Voting- for 1 or more position(18 minutes)
Video – Preferential Voting- for 2 or more open position(10 minutes)
Please note there is a clarification on these preferential voting videos about handling a tie between two candidates. For example if you have two candidates tied for the lowest number of votes and you must drop one – the video shows flipping a coin, but the correct method according to Robert’s Rules is to use the number of first round votes as the first tie breaker, and THEN flipping a coin if there is still a tie.

Video – Starting the caucus meeting – up to the elections(12 minutes)
Video – Handling Basic Motions(8 minutes)
Video – Handling Advanced Motions(9 minutes)