A brief overview of positions


Kirby Glad

Role of the school board Be an advocate for parents.    Represent the parents to the administration instead of representing the administration
to the parents. The board should be a check-and-balance on the administration, not a rubber stamp.
Accountability Paying the administration based on measures of educational success creates a culture of accountability.
Common Core Opposes giving control of what we teach our children to an out-of-state  committee.
Technology 25 years of experience in the technology industry.  Knows how to use technology to further   education.
Federal Intrusion into Schools The federal government should have no role in education.
Qualifications 20+ years as an executive managing technology in organizations up to   and including the size of Alpine district. MBA.  Eight years on school community   council.  Part-time classroom teacher   for one year.
Whistle-blower protection We need a policy that employees who report waste, fraud, or abuse of   funds have protection from their jobs being threatened
School Community Councils Must be more widely publicized so more parents can participate.  Should have a strong voice in the schools.
Transparency Annual stakeholder report needs to honestly report both the  accomplishments as well as the challenges of the district, so parents can be   informed and take action.
Promotion policy Those filling positions in the district office should be qualified in their specialty.  For example, the   person over technology should have a degree and experience in   technology.   The person over HR should have a degree and experience in HR.
Supporting parents Homework must be accompanied by a textbook or online materials so   parents can help with homework, and know what is being taught.
Investigations Math  The school board bungled the implementation of Investigations Math because they did not listen to parents.  They were more worried about explaining why the administration wanted it.