Kirby Glad

For Utah County Republican Party Chair

Experience - Vision - Leadership

Our party needs to focus on 5 areas:
1. Elect good Republicans
2. Champion the platform
3. Grow the party
4. Reach out to young voters and new citizens
5. Be a beacon of Republican values

The Party runs more smoothly with experienced leaders.

To run the Party effectively requires a knowledge of our Constitution and Bylaws, and a history of experience with everything from organizing a successful Lincoln Day Dinner to operation of the Executive Committee.

But it also requires a vision for the party and a firm idea of the purpose of our activities. The purpose of our party is to get our platform enacted into governance. I believe we need to focus on 5 priorities to accomplish that.

Contributions as Secretary

Technology improvement

Vision For the Future

As a member of the Steering Committee the Party Secretary plays an important leadership role.