Save the Date! March 22, 2016 Republican Neighborhood Elections and Presidential Primary

Attend the neighborhood election and run for or vote for our delegates! If you are concerned about the candidates your party has on the ballot in November; if you feel your party is being pulled too far to the left or to the right; THIS is how you change it.

How to participate in the Neighborhood Election

The Republican Neighborhood Elections will be on March 22, 2016 at 7:00 pm. Many precincts are also having a chance to meet the candidates for delegate and precinct officer at 6:00 pm.

Starting January 15 you will be able to pre-register online to attend the meeting (to skip the check-in line), register as a candidate for delegate, and see information on who is running for delegate or officer.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can vote by absentee ballot. You just print out your ballot within 24 hours in advance of the meeting, put it in a sealed envelope, and have one of your neighbors or family take to the meeting with a copy of your ID.

Further details will be available here starting January 15.

How to participate in the Republican Presidential Primary

You can vote in the presidential primary by paper ballot at the neighborhood elections on March 22. Just pre-register for the neighborhood election starting on January 15 2016 and this will also register you for the presidential primary. The link will be listed here on that date, or you can visit

If you are not a registered Republican, you will be able to register at the Neighborhood Election meeting. Photo ID is required.

If you cannot attend on that date, you can vote online! After you pre-register you can obtain a PIN number by email, text, or mail. With your PIN you can vote online on March 22 from anywhere in the world.

If you want to vote in the presidential primary at the Neighborhood Election, do not obtain a PIN number, as you will not be permitted to vote both online AND at the meeting.

Get the Flier

To print out a flier that you can pass out in your precinct, just download it here. Be sure to change the information on the back page to fit your own precinct!

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